Rarely do we hear/see such a minimalist, lyrical stance in modern poetry. Wendy Videlock has just dropped her third full length Slingshots and Plum Poems with Able Muse. She’s got poems placed in venues like Rattle and Poetry. There are few, in any age, that have woven spells as pure as these. Check out her work.


North of Mist

Just north of mist,
along the border,
half a color
from the water,

under the kiss
of shadow’s daughter,
(two breaths backward,
one word upward),

past the rumpled
terra cotta,
down the salve
of templed sorrow,

up the scales
of Bach, and Buddha,
down the moon
of broken solder,

through the eyes
of someone’s father,
in the grass

beside the water;

one part liar,
one part seer,
one part lyric,
one part scholar,

this is the walk
we come to wander,
one part illness,
one part healer.


First published in POETRY