Fashion, Hip-Hop Montreal


We were discussing Roc Marci lyrics and the line about Ewings brought up those crazy hood styles from the mid 90’s. Check: Above the rim tear-aways with a white tee under the jersey, Grant Hill 96’s, green and beige Johnny Blaze windbreakers, London Fog, chai flavoured steez, you know… We dipped across town to this grimy hood spot with old school kicks and tracksuits and shit, asked but the guy couldn’t find the shoes, only had an off-sized display pair.


The clerk disappears into the back and we’re still running over those gold styles, baggy denim jacket/jean combos and curved peaks, buying 40 OE’s to drink out on my window ledge, then bang, classic hustle style he comes out with a 10 in the box. The silhouette is still ill son – fat tongue and smooth lines, luxury shoe for sure. We cut back through the hood on hunt for perspectives. Distance from the lens is all that matters.