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Third or fourth time visiting moms since she moved out to AB, it’s mostly the same, bomb down the Trans Canada from Calgary to her flat in Canmore, the weekend spot that her Czech live-in boyfriend calls the ‘chata’, hung with crisp photo prints, stones and blown glass — came this time with Young Baby’s camera and the Zeiss…


First day, stay in – glut on red wine and look at the Three Sisters out the tall picture windows, bang out a review – but up early the next to wind along the road by Lake Minnewanka, park at the base to climb up, snowshoes carried in a loop of cord.


It’s damp and cool, but an hour up, into the valley, it’s deep winter, the snow thick and fine, without that smudgy look it gets after a bit of melt. It’s faster on the way down, not gasping from the altitude, peeling layers off slow. Spring is interstice enough without the gradient of mountainside.