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RAKE is just dripping with talent— from his all analog approach to photography to his mobius strip mysticism. Peep game and consider that English is the guy’s third or fourth language:

“I would say that I felt home for a first time when I opened the door to the hall of the endless possibilities inside my mind. This is my favorite place I ever visited. Then, I felt like the cities and countries are just names and all you have is just circumstances, energy, people and geometry. Now, it is considered that even force or energy is a consequence of geometry, which makes the laws of nature seem simpler when it’s viewed from the context of a more comprehensive dimensional space. You can have a three-day long paradise in Somalia and an endless hell limbo in Saint-Tropez.”

Everything the guy puts out is layered with references and gritty as all get out. Check out this interview/exposé that MOOK LIFE did on his work—